Production Nursery

Production Nursery – sometimes referred to a Wholesale nursery is the science of producing large quantities of plants by seed, cutting, grafting, budding, tissue culture or genetic manipulation, growing them to accepted standards in ground or containers for sale to other nurseries, retailers, primary producers, landscapers and developers.


The range of production facilities varies from small area intensive units to large scale areas. Diversity of plants grown, media used and containers selected increase the complexity of this sector.  Typically areas studied include plant physiology; weeds, pests, diseases and disorders; biosecurity, media characteristics and plant nutrition.

Courses offered:

Please contact us if you are interested in a grayed out course:

AHC20716: Certificate II in Production Nursery

AHC31116: Certificate III in Production Nursery

AHC40616: Certificate IV in Production Nursery

AHC50816: Diploma of Production Nursery Management