Our policy is to strive to prevent appeals, by ensuring that participants are completely satisfied with their training product and its outcomes.  Horticultural Training personnel are expected to be fair, courteous and helpful in all dealings with participants.  Horticultural Training deals with issues as soon as they emerge, to avoid disruptions or the need for a prolonged argument.


Horticultural Training Pty Ltd has developed this policy to provide clear instruction to candidates and staff in the Complaints and Appeals process.



  • If participants have a complaint with any aspects of their training or assessment, they are to speak with the instructor or the course manager to resolve the issue.  If you feel it is not appropriate to speak to your instructor you may email and they will arrange for an appropriate person to contact you. 

  • If your complaint is not easily resolved you will be required to complete a Grievance/Appeal/Complaint notice (QF4.5). Your trainer or nominated person will be able to arrange a form for you.

  • A fair and equitable process for participant complaints/appeals is provided.

  • Contact Horticultural Training Pty Ltd at  should there be any difficulty in completing the forms. Where no satisfactory resolution of the complaint can be reached, the matter will be taken to a Complaint/Appeal Meeting with an independent mediator (agreeable to both parties). The mediation costs will be covered by Horticultural Training Pty Ltd.

  • Any complaint about any assessment will be treated seriously, investigated thoroughly, and dealt with according to the merit of the complaint.  The circumstances and results of any appeal are analysed by the Managing Director, and appropriate improvements made to prevent recurrence of the problem. 

  • Appeals must be made within 21 days of receipt of assessment.  All records of any appeals are kept on file.

  • If after the complaints / appeals procedure has been completed, any student that is still dissatisfied with the outcome may make a complaint to ASQA (Australian Standards Quality Authority).


Initial Complaint

  1. Notify the trainer or Managing Director within 21 days.  Participants or Employers are requested to complete a complaints/appeals form (available by download below or by clicking HERE).

  2. Trainer and/or Managing Director to provide a written statement of outcome within a further 21 days.


Client request for appeal - INTERNAL

  1. Review of the circumstances of the complaint will be undertaken prior to commencing appeal process.

  2. The complaint/appeal process and the applicant's rights and responsibilities in the complaint/appeal process will be explained clearly and comprehensively.

  3. Complaint/Appeal Hearing: The scheduling of the hearing should meet the needs of all persons involved including client and organisation members.

  4. Prior to a complaint/appeal hearing, relevant files will be reviewed to ensure that they have been compiled correctly and that procedures have been followed.

  5. Minutes of the meeting are to be taken, reflecting clearly the proceedings and outcomes with a copy provided to the client.

  6. Complaint/Appeal Upheld - Certification issued.

  7. Complaint/Appeal minutes and copies of relevant documentation presented will be filed with a copy of any certification issued and a written statement issued to appellant.

  8. Appeal Rejected: Client to be advised of rejection of appeal and the right to an external/independent hearing.

  9. The complainant will be given a written statement of the appeals outcome, including the reasons for the decision.


Further Assessment Requested - EXTERNAL

  1. External/Independent Appeal Committee to be organised.

  2. The appeal committee may be constituted by referring the appeal to an independent authority, or by constituting a committee whose membership is independent of both parties and agreeable to both.

  3. Appeal Hearing: The management and procedures for the external appeal hearing are the responsibility of the independent authority to which the appeal is made.

  4. Appeal Upheld - Certification issued.

  5. Appeal minutes and copies of relevant documentation presented will be filed with a copy of any certification issued and a written statement issued to appellant.

  6. Further Assessment Requested: It may be necessary to review documentation and/or procedures presented at the initial meeting and subsequent hearing prior to final decision of appeal outcome.

  7. Appeal Rejected:  Client is to be advised in relation to the seeking and accessing of independent legal advice.  Costs associated with this are the responsibility of the client.

  8. The complainant will be given a written statement of the appeal outcomes, including reasons for the decision.